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All the four major cotton yarn market, pure C yarn market overview1
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Recently, the outstanding domestic yarn market conditions, price fluctuations small, pure C yarn market performance slightly compared to last week, prices rose slightly, trading volume also increased due to polyester staple fiber market continues to improve, support pure C yarn market market, the market turnover is still 45S and 32S yarn sale yarn better. Pure cotton yarn to maintain the overall market, the price to a smooth-based, individual product prices are still rising slightly, are still slow because of the price of cotton rose, specific transactions, the 32S yarn sales to the most successful. Cotton yarn prices remained stable, individual species prices rose, the volume to maintain previous levels, due to the high price of viscose staple fiber strong, cotton yarn market is expected to continue to show short-term consolidation wife's situation. In addition, the yarn prices slightly in general, but C yarn and viscose yarn, the overall market is still upward.
Xiao Shao-market transactions were flat yarn, pure C yarn volume has increased, due to rising prices of polyester staple fiber, slightly upstream and downstream enterprises to actively purchase price also rose slightly, polyester cotton yarn market continues, the amount of strong prices, downstream steady demand, prices of individual varieties, and cotton prices were also strong, maintain the volume level last week, prices firm.
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