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Cotton yarn down the summer is still up1
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In the mall, a little T-shirt $ 200 to more than $ 400, a skirt 900 yuan, 1,000 yuan. Thin summer, the price went so far and last year's winter peak C yarn price is almost the same, this is how?
Data show that since April, 328 Chinese cotton price index fell below 30,000 yuan ton mark, yesterday to close at 24,749 yuan tons, compared to the previous day and fell another 146, and "May Day" pre-holiday price comparison fell more than $ 1,500 per ton. In theory, the spring C yarn prices continue to decline, prices of clothing can be broad based to erase the minds of consumers pain, but it is not. "A thin half-length cotton skirt, even asking for 926 dollars, this price is up crazy." Many customers are really taken aback by the high price. Taiyuan Street, said many stores have sales, and spring, even though the amount of cotton clothing is gradually reduced, but not this year's summer pre-market price on the pricing of about two percent higher than in the past.
Circulation of money has been earned away: "In fact, C yarn, whether up or down C yarn, real Hanlaobaoshou is in the middle part of the business, such as logistics, shopping malls." A garment factory in Liaoning Province, Mr. Gao admitted that the responsible person.
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