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Cotton yarn manufacturing method is complicated1
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1 processing
Cotton yarn manufacturing method is complicated, in general, there are two methods of spinning, spinning the carded and combed yarn.
(1) Carded spinning process: opening and cleaning cotton with cotton carding and spinning of  Roving  finished product after processing test.
(2) combing spinning process: opening and cleaning cotton with cotton  carding and combing of articles  volume Article  Roving and spinning finished product after processing test.
2 Uses
Cotton yarn so widely used, it can be used as weaving yarn, knitting yarn can be used as, in particular, combed yarn can be used to produce high quality textiles, such as high-grade T-shirts, etc. Fine poplin, cotton can also produce special industrial electrician yellow wax cloth, tire cord, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery lines.
3 national origin and output
 cotton yarn production and exports in China's long history in foreign trade occupies a certain position. Currently the provinces, municipalities and regions with cotton production and export capacity, greater output and exports in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, and Jiangxi provinces.
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