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Our Fortune has been stormy fifteen set in hard in the beginning, in good faith in business, in the development of sound, made ​​today's success, this is our Fortune who by virtue of their diligence and wisdom, with passion and sweat, concerted effort, a positive act, the result of hard work.
Opportunities and challenges always exist, and today our company in the face of global economic integration situation, we will be more Fortune firm belief, the difficulties and strive to turn challenges into
opportunities, good governance, hard work, and constantly enhance our cohesion and solidarity, full speed up our pace of building, the Fortune companies to new glory, we know that in front of flowers there are thorns, there is smooth sailing there ups and downs, but Fortune will not stop the pace, because we firmly believe: to go, the more far, the scenery more beautiful.
You want to Fortune's staff work together in seeking to strengthen the unity, pioneering spirit, honest and pragmatic, common goals, and never slack; external development plans together with partners trust each other to achieve win-win situation. I believe the future of Fortune will be able to create "efficient operation, excellent glory" situation better.
Fu Xin Company Now we can say that "long way to go," the future we want to, "the development of modern textiles, for the benefit of Fortune staff, build a harmonious enterprise, the return of national community" for the mission, development of our fighting spirit, followed by another Li, Xin Fu for us to continue the development of the company's brilliant work! Fortune's our mission to continue to work hard! Finally, I wish our company grow Fortune, Fortune bless our family good health and good luck.
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